How to change your background image in WordPress

I just found this out and thought I would share it so people could customize their blogs.  

Using the Default WordPress Theme

  • If your theme is compatible with the WordPress 3.0 Background Function, you can click the “Background” link, located under “Appearance” in your WordPress blog, upload the background file and set it to “tile” so that it repeats endlessly.  Click “Save Changes” and you’re done. Super quick and easy!

Great to have your own added touch to your blog.


A Kitchen Witch’s Abundance Spell


One of the first things to consider about casting a spell is what deity you will call to assist you.  In this spell, the Olympian  Goddess, Hecate, will be called.  She is known to be Mother of the Angels.  She is also known to bestow prosperity and blessings upon a household.

You will need to perform this spell before or on the full moon since spells that you will gain something from is done during this period.  It should be done at night.    For abundance spells, the spell should be done on a Sunday.   Sunday is known for it’s special affect in spells for health, abundance, healing, confidence, hope and prosperity.  Here are the things you will need:

  1. A sprinkle of pepper
  2. A green, gold or white candle
  3. A sprinkle of cinnamon powder

First, you need to light the candle and think about how you intend to increase your abundance.  Sprinkle the bit if pepper and cinnamon powder into the candle flame while chanting the following:

Fire burn with all it’s might

Make your magic with your light.

As I ask, abundance be,

by the power of three times three.

Let the candle burn down as you think about your intentions of the spell.  You are through.  Now wait until your life becomes abundant in the things that you want and that you have thought of during the spell.

Blessed be!!!

Lady Von